O’Brien Pedigo

“First off, I would like to say how exciting it is to finally have a Strength & Conditioning gym in Russellville, KY. The owners, Dana and Dale Bird, are awesome to work with. They challenge you and motivate you to get better every time you walk into the gym. I first found Strength & Conditioning a couple of years ago and loved the challenge both mentally and physically. It pushes you to do things you never could have imagined you would do and constantly challenges you to get better every time you step into the gym. Since going to Full Throttle Fitness, which is the first Strength & Conditioning box I have been a member, I have found things I thought I was doing right to be wrong. Just in the short time that I have been going I can tell a difference. The way the owners Dana and Dale Bird have worked with me to correct these things has been great and I can’t thank them enough. Strength & Conditioning isn’t just going to another gym or doing another workout routine where no one is there to help you and motivate you. You will find that it is a community of people who are cheering you on, motivating you, and pushing you past what you thought seemed impossible. If you are thinking about trying Strength & Conditioning, I highly recommend Full Throttle Fitness!”

-O’Brien Pedigo