With a Partner
1,000m Row, while partner is rowing, other does 20 Spidermans
80 KBS (50/35#), while partner is KBS, other is in plank hold
60 sec Squat Hold together

Skill Work
Box Jumps with a Partner
16 Rounds Total
10 Box Jumps
15 Hollow Rocks
*The goal here is to work on pulling the knees quickly up to clear the box. Work on rebounding immediately from the ground. Feel free to work on a lower box to achieve the bounding we’re looking for on this work.
**The hollow rocks are to immediately follow the box jumps, and to teach you how to work when you core is slightly compromised.

For Time (15′ Cap)
100 DB Snatches (50/35#)*
*Every time you break, 10 Burpees

Extra Work
Alternating 8′ EMOM
15 ea side DB Obliques
10 Alligator Rolls