Furor-19 Cycle 1, Week 3, Day 1

1 Leg Blasters
Leg Blaster is: 20 air squats + 20 in-place alt. lunges (10 ea. leg) + 20 jumping lunges (10 ea. leg) + 10 squat jumps
then, 400m Run (1′ out/back)

90 sec Pigeon Stretch (ea. Side)
60 sec Downward Dog Stretch
If doing FS, then do 20 elbow pointers as well

Minimal Equipment
Alt. Tabata (16 total rounds, 8 total minutes)
1. Squats w/ object held up/out
2. BW Lunges in place
*Squats to be done with object held up and out by both arms. Arms should be up in the air with object, this can be anything (DB/KB, canned good, jug of water, water bottle, literally anything). 

With Equipment
Front Squat
Work up to ~80% of 5 RM for 2 x 5, then
5 x 10 @ 70-80% of 5RM
20 Jumping Lunges imm. after ea. set (10/leg)

Minimal Equipment
3 Rounds for Time
400m Run
60 S-Arm Bent over DB/KB Rows (30/arm)

With Equipment
3 Rounds for Time
400m Run
30 Pull Ups

Extra Work
Accumulate 4′ in Wall Sit