19.1! If you are signed up for the Open, then you will need to be judged. FCF has multiple athletes that are certified judges and will be helping Friday evening. If you are not registered, what’s your excuse?! It’s 5 workouts you’re going to do every week anyways, you might as well sign up, see how you do, and give yourself something to compare to for the next Open! We hope the community tries to make it out every Friday evening to cheer on all of the athletes competing against themselves and the timer. Everyone has until Monday evening to turn in their score and have it approved by FCF. We will open the doors on Sunday if anyone wants to re-do the workout or will not be available till then. Get with Dana or Dale to schedule. Let’s crank up the music, yell for each other to get that next rep, and get psyched for 5 weeks to see what you’re made of. Good luck everyone! – Dana & Dale

2′ Frog Stretch

Warm-up/Primer style:
This is different than our daily warm-ups. This is meant to mimic the workout, get your heart spiked so it’s ready to go, and get your blood pumping.
3 Rounds:
10 Cal Row
10 Jump Squats
After the Primer, rest as long as it takes to get your heart rate back down to a very comfortable place. Just don’t let yourself get cold or tight.

19 WB’s (20# to 10′ mark/14# to 9′ mark)
19 Cal Row
*Scaled is Men: 14# to 10′ mark/Women: 10# to 9′ mark)
Link to the Standards: https://games.crossfit.com/workouts/open/2019#movementStandards

Cool Down:
Cool Down:
Post WOD Flush, 20 minutes on Bike or Rower at conversational pace.

Accumulate 3′ Pigeon Stretch (ea. side)
Accumulate 3′ Seated Straddle Stretch
Accumulate 90 sec Twisted Cross Stretch (ea. side)